SB1401 – Info For Opposition

Hello, Everyone!

Karla and I were very pleased with the last meeting we had at the PBA office. We hope the information that was shared was worth your while and investment.  We have been working very hard to get the bills we discussed drafted, dropped and supported.  We have spoken with numerous legislators, mostly in the senate as this is where the bills originated, but we have a lot of appointments this coming week with additional Senate and House members.

We have gotten 100% support, so far for SB1287 and SB1288, and don’t anticipate anything different from this point on!  Two stakeholders’ meetings have been set for two other bills that we are concerned with and oppose (HB2031, SB1328) and we are keeping an eye on HB2231 and HB2463; we have heard that they are not very popular nor functional, but something to watch and address.

On another note, you have probably heard that a legislator, well known to our industry, has dropped a new bill, SB1401 – a repeat of the infamous HB2011 from 2018, AKA “The Blow Dry Bill”.  Yes!  Now Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita (former Representative) has reintroduced this bill for the first session of 2019.

This is the bill that even Governor Ducey was behind and supported intensely.  This bill was (and likely still is) being supported by the Goldwater Institute (fish pedicures) and the Institute for Justice.  The bill, although passed in committee (2018), was soundly defeated by never getting called to a vote on the house floor as they couldn’t whip the votes needed!  This is one of those bills indicating the future-  the “Camel’s nose under the tent”.  If this one gets by, the next will be for less hours, certificates over licenses and eventually no licenses or certificates at all.  A strong presence is what we set out to do this year by being ever present, in plain view and focused on efforts that would show more reform and less deregulation.  Deregulation for the sake of deregulation is a very bad idea but reform has value for everyone.

Has Senator Ugenti-Rita just lobbed a grenade to test the waters?  Not sure…..however, we cannot let it go unnoticed and unaddressed.  Several of you have already contacted your representatives and we appreciate that.  Karla and I are all over it and on Monday our campaign of resistance will be well presented.  Legislation like this is the first ingredient to a recipe for disaster for Public Health, Public Safety and Consumer Protection (and your industry) – all of which governor Ducey promised to protect.  (Watch the video from 2018 –

This bill was likely dropped last Thursday, January 31 and entered into the system on Friday 1 February – where it was discovered.  I think this is a sneak attack as it was dropped late and is already assigned to her own Commerce Committee (tentatively – we are looking into that as well and will advise).  This doesn’t give us much time to rally the troops, but unless this is preplanned and well-orchestrated, Senator Ugenti Rita doesn’t have much time either.  Fortunately, our contacts from last year are already in place to help us defeat it again this year.

What we need from you, your students, your employees and anyone else who wants to protect this industry is to call AND email the members of the Senate Commerce Committee (list below), copy and paste the email address or, click on the name of the Senator and an email should open for you, – you know the drill. The phone numbers all begin with (602) 926- the extensions are the four numbers in the last column.

Here is a paragraph that identifies some items that might be pointed out -mix ‘n match, use as is, or make up your own version.

“This bill, SB1401, was a bad idea in 2018 as HB2011 and is still a bad idea today.  There is merit in training and education.  Allowing untrained, uneducated and unlicensed people to perform hair services on the general public is a recipe for disaster.  This bill promotes the concept of “Buyer Beware” with no oversight and protection as supported by Governor Ducey in his state of the state address in 2018 and removes the protection that licensing and regulation preserves; Public Health, Public Safety and Consumer Protection.  Untrained individuals using improper sanitation methods and improperly cleaned and sanitized implements can help to spread numerous highly contagious diseases such as MRSA, Scabies, Ringworm, Head Lice and many, many more.  Being trained and educated in the identification of these and other potentially communicable diseases is paramount to safe practices when offering personal, physical services to the public.  Arizona has over 100,000 licensed Cosmetologists and this effort is counterproductive and dangerous. Please do not support this bill, it is unwarranted and irresponsible.  Thank you for your consideration.”

Senator Dist Party Email Room (602) 926-
Sean Bowie 18 D 308 3004
David C. Farnsworth 16 R 300 3020
Sally Ann Gonzales 3 D 314 3278
J.D. Mesnard 17 R 309 4481
David Livingston 22 R 301 4178
Michelle UgentiRita 23 R 306 4480
Tony Navarrete 30 D 311 4864
Tyler Pace 25 R 304 5760

      Click on the District # and a map should appear of the area that district covers.

The Commerce Committee meets on Thursday, February 7 at 9:30 am in the Senate building, Hearing Room 1.  We don’t anticipate the hubbub that arose last year, but it would be good to fill the room with those who can and will testify.  To testify, you MUST register with the RTS (Request To Speak) system and post a position and agree to speak, if you choose to do so.  If you need help with this, please let me know.  You can register from your home computer, but your account MUST be activated at the capitol by signing on to a local computer at the capitol.  I will be very happy to do this for you once you have registered and you supply me with the information I need to finish the job so you don’t have to be come to the capitol for this.  We need you to register and sign in BEFORE Tuesday 5 pm so the members of the committee can review comments and see who is in favor or opposes and is willing to speak.  Yes, the legislators look at that closely. Here is the RTS registration link:

Call AND email your representatives. Calling is better, both is best.  Follow this link to see who your Legislator is if you don’t know.

If you have trouble looking them up, please let me know your residence address (does not apply if you live out of state) and the address(es) of your school(s)/salon(s) so you can contact the legislators for both locations, and I will help you.

54th Legislature – 2019
Senator Dist Party Email Room (602) 926-
Karen Fann, President 1 R 205 5874
Andrea Dalessandro 2 D 312 5342
Sally Ann Gonzales 3 D 314 3278
Lisa Otondo, Minority Whip 4 D 213 3002
Sonny Borrelli, Majority Whip 5 R 212 5051
Sylvia Allen 6 R 303 5409
Jamescita Peshlakai, Minority Whip 7 D 314 5160
Frank Pratt 8 R 310 5761
Victoria Steele 9 D 315 5683
David Bradley, Minority Leader 10 D 213 5262
Vince Leach 11 R 303 3106
Eddie Farnsworth, Pres. Pro Tempore 12 R 304 5735
Sine Kerr 13 R 302 5955
David Gowan 14 R 200 5154
Heather Carter 15 R  303B 5503
David C. Farnsworth 16 R 300 3020
J.D. Mesnard 17 R 309 4481
Sean Bowie 18 D 308 3004
Lupe Contreras, Asst. Minority Leader 19 D 305 5284
Paul Boyer 20 R 307 4173
Rick Gray,Majority Leader 21 R 301 5413
David Livingston 22 R 301 4178
Michelle UgentiRita 23 R 306 4480
Lela Alston 24 D 311 5829
Tyler Pace 25 R 304 5760
Juan Mendez 26 D 313 4124
Rebecca Rios 27 D 315 3073
Kate Brophy McGee 28 R 302 4486
Martin Quezada 29 D 313 5911
Tony Navarrete 30 D 311 4864

Click on the Senator name and it should link to an email message or copy past the actual email address(s) into your “To:” field.  Click on the District # and a map should appear of the area that district covers.  The phone numbers all begin with (602) 926- the extensions are the four numbers in the last column.

Here is a list of the Bills in the mill as they relate to Cosmetology:

HB2031 – apprenticeships; licensure; licensing authorities 

HB2231 – non-health professions; occupations; regulations 

HB2463 – occupational regulations; licenses; communications; notice 

SB1287 – cosmetic laser procedures; direct supervision 

SB1288 – hairstylists; cosmetology board; schools 

SB1328 – barbers; cosmetologists; licensure; reciprocity; apprenticeships  

SB1401 – cosmetology; licensing exceptions 

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please let me know how I may be of service or if you have any needs or questions.

Please feel free to share this with other schools, salons and licensed professionals.


Todd Clodfelter
The Arizona Cosmetology Association
Tag Team Strategies, LLC

520.906.5059 Todd

520.906.5032 Karla