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The Cosmetology Industry And Your Livelihood Is At Risk!!
This is your call to action!

In the Arizona 53rd Legislative session of this year, there was a visible attack on your industry by the Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey, and several state legislators.  There is a national trend to “deregulate” industries, that they believe, have rules that “bar entry” into a field of employment.  Their agenda is to lead the nation in deregulation and their target has been the cosmetology industry regardless of actual need or value.  A strong and concerted effort to introduce legislation to remove the requirement for any licensing of an individual or establishment allowing physical contact with a client with no disease prevention training and with implements or chemicals that could potentially cause physical harm or injury to the patron.  Commonly referred to as the “Blow Dry Bill” (HB2011) introduced by Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita of District 28, strongly supported by Governor Ducey and members of his staff, would remove the requirement for any training, licensing or oversight by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology for public safety, public health or consumer protection.  Yet, in his 2018 State of the State Address (video below), he declares his solid commitment to public health and public safety.  Additionally, in the same speech, he demeans and discredits the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, calling them “bullies”; the very agency who is directly responsible by law, for the oversight of public health, public safety and consumer protection in the cosmetology field yet in this video, he proclaims that he will boldly defend public health and safety.  Oddly, too, he regularly declares the value and need and places strong emphasis on programs that encourage individuals to be educated and to learn skills that will lead them to good jobs and better wages, yet he feels deregulation will accomplish these things.


This bill, had it passed, would have set a precedent for things to come (and they are coming).  This bill would have created an unfair, unregulated and potentially harmful environment for the consumer, and, would have created a competition for you that would not require any investment into their profession – no training, no school and no costs.  This bill would be a blight on the profession degrading all that you, as a professional, licensed cosmetologist have worked for to become well versed, well trained and educated of the health risks and injuries that can be caused by someone who is untrained, uneducated and ignorant of sanitation requirements.

Fortunately, several individuals, including two state legislators, saw the risk and immediately picked up the mantle and did battle with the governor’s office and the sponsoring legislator and with much effort and expense, the bill was defeated.  However, we can tell you now, it will be back.  Now is the time for you to engage and protect your profession, your industry and your livelihood by investing in the Arizona Cosmetology Association.  With nearly 100,000 licensed professionals, we can send a unified message to the governor and the legislators who are uneducated in this field that we will not tolerate their untrained opinion for the sake of their ego or personal agendas.  Join today to receive updates on current legislative action and information on current trends in fashion, hair styling & products, nail and aesthetic trends and products too. Join today and help defend against the attacks on your livelihood, your professionalism, your industry and the health and safety of your clients.

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