About Us

About Us

The Arizona Cosmetology Association is comprised of numerous industry professionals from all over Arizona; including: cosmetology students, licensed cosmetologists, instructors, aestheticians & nail techs; school owners and salon owners both active and retired.  We all share one common goal and that is to preserve and advance  the integrity of the cosmetology industry through education, public awareness and to protect it from unwarranted legislative action with a practical and common sense approach.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we offer information, continuing education and act as your watchdog for attacks or concerns with the cosmetology industry in Arizona.  By establishing a well informed, well trained and well educated membership, we will build an organization of professionals who will influence the advancement of the cosmetology industry and garner the trust and respect of our governmental leadership.

Our Story

There has been discussion of organizing an association for some time among several of the school and salon owners in addition to numerous individuals.  It has always been agreed upon that an association would be of great value to the industry in Arizona.  However, as we are all working in our field, advancing ourselves and our businesses and professionally, it seemed that there was little time to come together and actually put the nuts and bolts together.  In 2018, intent and action by the governor and and two Arizona legislators prompted an immediate need to focus and work together to make the association a reality.  The industry in Arizona was under attack and there needed to be a strong, unified voice to oppose the destructive intentions put forth with legislative action.  Thus was born, the Arizona Cosmetology Association, inc.  The ACA (AZCOSMO) is a non-profit 501(c) (6) corporation formed in Arizona this year.  The primary intent of the organization is to inform, educate, elevate the industry and professionalism while promoting good legislation and good legislators and opposing poor legislation and legislators that could be damaging to our industry.

Cosmetologists are professionals; trained and licensed and should be regarded as such
by the public and by our state leaders.
Our mission is to build respect and to promote professionalism.

Meet the Team


Todd Clodfelter
Founder & Executive Director

Todd Clodfelter has been involved and associated with the cosmetology industry for over 40 years although he is not a licensed cosmetologist. Todd’s expertise is in business management, creative marketing, sales and customer relations.  Todd’s and his wife Karla, who is a licensed cosmetologist, instructor and certified laser technician, have owned and operated salons of their own in the past and have worked extensively with Karla’s family in their business helping them to build and manage over 18 salons in Tucson and southern Arizona. Todd is currently an Arizona State Representative serving Legislative District 10 in Tucson. He sees the need for a strong, professional association to protect the cosmetology  industry from misinformed legislators and bad legislation. He has owned and operated his printing business for over 35 years and has found a new challenge with the ACA to build a vibrant, effective and influential organization in Arizona.


Cathy Koluch
Co-Founder & Director

Cathy Koluch has been in vocational education for 29 years and is the President and Founder of the award-winning The Studio Academy of Beauty Cosmetology and Esthetics schools in AZ with three campuses. Over her years in the industry, she has served for 5 years as Commissioner on the Arizona Post-Secondary Education Commission, served on committees within AACS, American Association of Cosmetology Schools and is a current Board of Director for AACS.
Cathy is a believer that Beauty education can change your life and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education to help students fulfill  their dreams.

The Next Step . . .

If you are not a member, please join today.
Membership is what will create a strong and powerful organization that can and will influence our industry
while educating our elected officials of Arizona.
Your membership will help to build that voice.

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